In house, Bishop has a team of six highly skilled designers and two programmers that can bring almost any project to life. With 50+ years of collective experience, our designers can take a napkin sketch to a 3D SolidWorks model or live prototype quickly. In addition, Bishop offers simulated stress testing, 3rd party testing (i.e. saltwater spray testing or BIFMA testing) and field testing to further ensure the compliance and performance meet your intent.


Rapid Prototyping: 4 Day Design-Build Prototype

Value Engineering

Design & Engineering impacts everything from manufacturing and shipping costs to your fixture performance and longevity. Our engineers consider the direct and indirect costs as well as the potential risks and liabilities associated with a fixture's design, materials and finishes. Bishop's Value Engineering will:

Creative Display + Store Design

We've designed store displays and rollout packages for some of the worlds leading retailers. With an endless variety of materials, finishes and technology to work with, your fixtures will be tailored to meet your branding, merchandising, POS, and security needs.

Bishop’s creative design service also includes value engineered alternatives that lower costs and improve display performance. You can count on Bishop's store and display designs to:

Design + Engineering Quality Assurance

Bishop upholds the highest engineering standards in the industry. Everything from AutoCAD drawings, SolidWorks models, and router paths are individually designed to maximize efficiency and ensure the highest quality and consistency in manufactured parts and fixtures.

Geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD & T) is used to keep all drawings consistent. All layers, standard notes and prebuilt callouts are included to follow ANSI standards. Tolerances are followed to the thousandth for metal components and to the 32nd of an inch for wood components.

For each fixture or display manufactured, Bishop will create detailed drawings including:

Each designer starts work with a checklist that must be filled out for each fixture before being approved to ensure consistency and thoroughness.

Bishop also performs testing on its design prototypes when necessary to ensure that the product meets our clients' quality requirements. Both simulated and practical testing (either internally or by a third party) can be utilized per request of the customer and results of each test will be documented and supplied to the customer.

Eco-Friendly Display Design

Need displays that consider both your brand and the environment? We can design from scratch or work with your existing designs to create a more environmentally responsible fixture. Everything from the material usage to the source of the material is taken into consideration. Bishop has FSC certification in Chain of Custody and utilizes a large variety of industry standard or greater materials, such as CARB II compliant materials, to meet your environmental standards. For more information on sustainable fixture design visit our Green Project Services page.

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