Eco-Friendly Displays & Services

Bishop's goal is to make it easy and cost effective for our customers to outfit their environments with “greener” fixtures. To do so, we’ve made a companywide commitment to reduce our carbon footprint through more sustainable processes and materials and green project services.

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Bishop's president M.K. Nelson champions retailers sustainability efforts in Retail Environments Magazine

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Tooting your Green Horn

Project Management

Benefit from our experience with stores seeking LEED ® points. If your project has sustainability requirements Bishop will ensure your fixtures are designed, built, and delivered according to your standards. Our goal is to reduce your project's carbon footprint while maximizing the long-term value, overall cost savings, and marketability of your store environment.

Eco-Friendly Display Design

Bishop's eco-friendly displays combine friendly design, engineering and materials to create a product with a reduced carbon footprint. Bishop's staff will consider these factors alongside your design intent to achieve the optimal product design. Characteristics of a more sustainable fixture include:

Store Display + Kiosk Refurbishment

Refurbishment can be a viable alternative to new fixtures, especially when moving your company forward with environmentally friendly initiatives. Bishop’s capabilities allow us to rebuild, refinish and provide on-site touch-up services. Contact us at 1800.841.1284 to discuss how your outdated, damaged or relocated fixtures can be reconditioned for a new environment.

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