committed to Sustainability

committed to Sustainability

Committed to Our Future

"Since 2008, Bishop Fixture's Balsam Lake facility has reduced hazardous waste by 54%, made significant reductions in energy and natural gas consumption, and instituted extensive recycling of various materials …" - Wisconsin DNR, Green Tier

"Since 2008, Bishop Fixture's Balsam Lake facility has reduced hazardous waste by 54%, made significant reductions in energy and natural gas consumption, and instituted extensive recycling of various materials …" - Wisconsin DNR, Green Tier

Sustainable Values

Our vision is to provide quality and performance driven solutions that consider all stakeholders, from our clients and employees, to their customers and the environment. Our logo, the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio, is inherent in the ecosystem of life and we do our best to stay conscious of the interplay between man and the environment in our day to day operations. As a company we are always striving to serve and progress as a business that supports social systems and brands endeavoring towards the goal of bettering its people and places. Strategically, we operate with an emphasis on partnership, continuous improvement and community engagement to achieve these goals and support our clients' initiatives.


Reduce, Reuse & Recycling Program

Energy Reduction Program

VOC Reduction Program

Water Usage Reduction Program

Paper Usage Reduction Program

Ocean & Water Support Initiative

Tree Planting Program

Environmental Clean Up - Adopt A Highway

Sustainable Projects

If your project has sustainability or LEED ® requirements, Bishop will ensure your fixtures are designed, built, and delivered according to your standards. Our goal is to reduce your project's carbon footprint while maximizing the long-term value, overall cost savings, and marketability of your store environment.

Eco-Friendly Design

Bishop's considers the carbon footprint of its displays, but it takes a collaborative effort to deliver a reduced carbon footprint. Environmentally considerate displays combine friendly design, engineering and materials to create a product with a reduced carbon footprint. Bishop's staff will consider these factors alongside your design intent to achieve the optimal product. The sourcing and distribution will come next.

Sustainable Practices

Over 90% of material byproducts are recycled

All wood waste is recycled for use by local dairy farms

Wood and metal powder coating provides low-VOC finishing

Automated finishing equipment improves efficiency & reduces overspray

Paint booth filtration management reduces waste

Energy monitoring & management systems reduce heat and energy loss

Energy audits help us fine tune our energy conservation efforts

Sustainable Fixtures & Programs

What recommendations does Bishop Fixture have for producing greener stores?


We recommend looking closely at the life cycle of a program and its fixtures and emphasize reducing the carbon footprint through design, material selection, finish selection, components/systems, local & regional sourcing, packaging and logistics management.

We emphasize local and regional manufacturing and distribution whenever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of long distance shipping and overseas shipping. Taking a strategic approach to domestic and regional manufacturing will have a dramatic impact on the overall sustainability of the fixture programs.



Bishop recommends greater use of rapidly renewable materials, recycled or reclaimed materials, and recyclable materials. such as bamboo, hemp and other fast growing wood species. Bamboo is the most rapidly growing and renewable wood resource and is worth investigating. It is possible to establish a highly sustainable fixture program emphasizing Bamboo sheet materials as Ikea has accomplished in their furniture lines.



Bishop finishes in both lacquer and waterbase paints, and metal powder coating. We recommend using LOW VOC finishes whenever possible to reduce your stores environmental impact and improve overall air quality.


Sustainability in Fixture Packaging and Shipping:

Logistically we maximize our load plans whenever possible to reduce the number of trucks and overall carbon footprint of our clients' programs, this includes inbound raw material and components as well as outbound finished product. The packaging - cardboard corner guards and boxes are made from recycled materials and metal strapping, when used, is recyclable. Pallets are made from wood and we are working on reclaiming, recycling and reusing pallets whenever possible.


Collapsible Custom Crates:

• Our crating technique translates to better value for our clients. The benefits include:

• Enhanced Production Efficiency

• Better Raw Material Yield for Reduced Waste

• Unpacking & Disposal Efficiency - completely disassembles in less than 30 seconds leaving 360° access to the product

• Particle board vs OSB

• FSC Certified Particle Board


Fixture Repair and Refurbishment vs. Replacement or New Fixtures:

Bishop Fixture provides field repair services as well as provides replacement parts for many clients. This is an option that extends the life of the store fixtures and environment while reducing the programs overall carbon footprint.


Our Material Suppliers and Sustainability:

Bishop Fixture's raw material procurement comes from trusted domestic resources, that follow sustainable forest practices and hold FSC certifications and monitor their materials chain of custody as well as undergo annual audits. Our wood based product suppliers adhere to local ,state and national, land, wildlife, air, and water conservation regulations. Some suppliers have implemented sustainability programs and programs to reduce or reverse their carbon footprint. . Many of our suppliers are also participants in the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification requirements, follow all FSC guidelines and are audited by a third party annually.


Use of Recycled Materials:

• Reclaimed/Reused/Repurposed Hardwood Lumber Medium Density Fiberboard
• Particleboard - reclaimed wood fiber
• Acre panels


Use of Biodegradable Materials:

• Medium Density Fiberboard
• Particleboard
• Hardwood lumber
• Wood products are biodegradable and we also use a Soy based adhesives in our plywood.
• Here is a link to an excellent site from the Composite Panel Association that covers sustainability and other environmental performance indicators:


Are you ready to discuss sustainability in retail?

Are you ready to discuss sustainability in store fixtures?





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