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Fit, Form & Function MEETS YOUR Brand.

Creative Design Services

 Following the Design Thinking Process shown below, we take you from an objective to designs that can be rolled out and meet those objectives. Once the ideas are flushed out, we help you visualize them with Conceptual Design, 3D Modeling, and Material & Finish Boards, before moving to Detailed Shop Drawings, Value Engineering, and then Finished Renderings and Working Prototypes. In short, we work with you from napkin sketch to installation, and give you the tools to efficiently and effectively realize your vision every step of the way.

The Design Process

We follow MIT's proven design process and provide a cross disciplined team of experts to develop highly effective design solutions to your program needs.

Phase 1:  Understand

  • Clearly understand and define your clientele, needs and problems.

Phase 2:  Explore

  • Concepts, Renderings & prototypes are created that speak to the clientele and address their needs.

Phase 3:  Materialize

  • Concepts that meet production, budget and performance needs.
Design Thinking Process

Conceptual Renderings

We provide Creative Design & 3D Renderings using SolidWorks 2021 and various rendering softwares. Most importantly, all of our designs are developed on a foundation of form, fit, function, branding and the ability to be built on-time and within budgets. Benefit from:

  • Environments, Fixtures, Signage & Graphics.
  • Concepts that meet production, budget and performance needs.
  • Photorealistic Renderings.
  • Floor Plans.
Intro Design


It's not easy, but if you take the stakeholders into account, it's worth it.

  • Environmentally concious design, materials and finishes.
  •  FSC Certified Wood.
  • Locally sourced materials.
  • Reclaimed materials.
  • Low-VOC Finishes.
Athleta - Hudson Yards

Creative Design


We can provide Design & 3D renderings that can actually be built and meet a budget. 

  • Concepts that meet production, budget and performance needs.
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Floor Plans

Engineering & Prototyping Services

Specializing in the creative design only takes you part of the way to a successful fixture program. The materials, construction, ergonomics, safety, security, ADA requirements, installation requirements, and climate can all undermine your programs success. Bishop Fixture's design-enigineering and project management team ensures your fixtures and environments meet all your performance requirements.

Production Drawings

Bishop is well regarded for its expertise in design-engineering, materials and finishes. We are regularly called upon to take conceptual ideas and turn them into a reality, while eliminating production costs and performance pitfalls. Bishop Fixture designs in SolidWorks, Microvellum and AutoCAD to deliver the highest quality and accuracy in manufactured fixtures and parts.

  • Production drawings that meet or exceed industry construction best practices, safety and performance requirements.
  • Concepts designed and value engineered that meet production, budget and performance needs.
Design Shop Drawing

Value Engineering

There's almost always room for design improvements, the key is knowing where to find them. Bishop Fixture's design and account management teams consist of highly experienced, crosstrained and multidisciplinary members that know where to look.

  • Reduced Production and Shipping Costs.
  • Improve Performance & Durability.
  • Eliminate Geographical Climate Issues.
  • Improve Sustainability.
Value Engineering & Prototyping2


Take your concept from idea to design and prototype in just weeks. Bishop Fixture gives you the tools to test your designs, explore materials and finishes, play with your ideas and sell them through your organization.

  • Material Selection
  • Finish Development & Matching
  • Mock Ups
  • Staged Environments
  • Working Prototypes

Value Engineering

Photo Cabinet 01

Are there issues or room for improvement with your existing fixture package?

Our experienced designers can help:

  • Reduced Production and Shipping Costs
  • Improve Performance & Durability
  • Improve Sustainability



Do you have an innovative design idea?

Take your concept from idea or napkin sketch to design and prototype in just weeks.

  • Material Boards
  • Finish Matching
  • Mock Ups
  • Live Prototypes

Featured Projects

Featured Project: INTRO Shoes

Brand & Environment Development

Bishop Fixture working with Designer Ron Reilly, developed a branded store design for the launch of INTRO shoe stores and highlighting NIKE's latest shoe lines.

Featured Project: Artis Coffee Roasters

Modular Coffee Concept

Bishop Fixture developed a modular coffee shop store package for Artis Coffee Roasters. View this project to see the design case study.

Artis Coffee Roasters
Featured Project: SERTA

Display Design

Bishop Fixture working with Designer Pat Douglas, developed a branded store display program for Serta Mattresses.

Featured Project: Fiorucci

Grocery Store Display Design & Build

The Fiorucci brand is the benchmark for Italian Deli meats, one which has grown steadily over 160 years, thanks to the authenticity and superb flavor of its products. Bishop Fixture worked with Fiorucci to create an effective freestanding display for its U.S. rollout.

Featured Project: Whole Foods

Eco-Friendly Display Design & Build

Need displays that consider both your brand and the environment? We can design from scratch or work with your existing designs to create a more environmentally responsible fixture. Everything from the material, waste, durability, VOC's, lifecycle and sourcing is taken into consideration. Follow along the design process for this Whole Foods Baquette Display.

Freestanding Displays
Featured Project: Black Diamond

Small Format Retail Concept

Bishop Fixture developed this small format store concept for Black Diamond.

Featured Project: Harley-Davidson

Shop-In-Shop Concept

Bishop Fixture developed this shop-in-shop concept for Harley-Davidson for the launch of the Pan America bike in its dealerships.

Featured Project: XOXO Display Design

Cosmetics Displays

Bishop Fixture developed cosmetics display concepts for XOXO Cosmetics.

Cosmetics Display Design 3
Featured Project: Harley-Davidson



Bishop Fixture developed this shop-in-shop concept for Harley-Davidson for the launch of the Pan America bike in its dealerships.

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Could you benefit from a strategic partner?





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